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or either of them in the quiet and peaceable Possession of the Premises is as aforesaid returned and set apart for their [Un?] during the term of their natural lives as aforesaid, and the said Theodorick Munford by and with the consent of the said George Currie and Anna his wife doth hereby covenant and agree to and with the said Elizabeth McRobert that in have the said Elizabeth should survive her husband Archibald McRobert that the said Elizabeth shall possess make[illegible] and enjoy one half of the [anuity?] so as aforesaid received and set apart to the said George Currie and Anna his wife without the les hindrance or molestation of him said Theodorick and his heir or any person or persons claiming under him or them for and during the term of her widowhood in witness where the parties to them present have at their hands and affixed their seals this day and year [firt?] above written Signed sealed and delivered} in the presence of Herbt. Claiborne Cad. Jones

Wm Brandly 

B. Stunford Anna Currie John Fawn Margaret Fawn}

George Currie Seal

Anna Currie Seal Archibald McRobert Seal Elizabeth McRobert Seal Prince George Sr. George the third by the grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King defender of the faith and to [Theophitus?] field Nathane. Raines and Nathe. Harrison gentlemen greeting whereas George Currie and Anna his wife, Archibald McRoberts and Elizabeth his wife by their certain indenture of bargain and sale bearing date the twenty fifth day of May one thousand seven hundred and seventy have sold and conveyed unto Theodorick Munford of the county of Prince George the free simple estate of and in seven hundred and eleven acres of land lying and being in the aforesaid county of Prince George, and whereas the said Anna and Elizabeth cannot conveniently travel to our court of our said county of Prince George to make acknowledgement of the said conveyance. Therefore we do give unto you or any two or more of you power to receive the acknowledgment which the said Anna and Elizabeth shall be willing to give before you of the conveyance aforesaid contained in the said indenture which is hereunto [announced?] and we do therefore