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Greensville Jany 27. 1786 Know all men by them presents that we Jesse Butts and Benj Simmons of the county of Greensville are held and firmly bound into the executors of W. Parham died. the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds [cumint?] money to be paid unto the said excess. their ceartain attorney their adm..or assigns to which pay Kent to be made we bind ourselves over hirs Exs. and adm.. jointly and severally firmly by there presents Sealed with our Seals and [pased?] this day of January 1786 Whereas William Parham died. late of the county Brunswick by his last will and testament divised to his daughter, NancyLucas Parham a sirtain share of a part of his estate, and by an order of this county lately made to have the said estate divided among the legatees and also at the desire of the sd. Jesse Butts who married the sd. Nancy Lucas Parham we the excrs.