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The Deposition of William Adams of Somerset County in the state of Maryland of Lawful age, deposeth & saith that he well knows negro man named Sampson which a certain Smith Horsey informed him this Deponent, was purchased by a Mr Jennings of a certain Whittington Smith of this County - That the said negro man was carried away from this place into Virginia, about four or five years ago by Mr. Jennings & shortly thereafter eloped from the said Jennings & returned again to this County. That sometime afterwards the aforesaid Smith Horsey came up from Virginia & hired the said Sampson to this Deponent for twelve months at the Rate of thirty Dollars pr. year, (the said negro being at that time run away) and informed this Deponent that Mr. Jennings had bought this negro man of the aforesaid Smith, but that it was his money that was paid for him - That shortly afterwords the negro came in & delivered himself up to this Deponent, & after remaining in this Deponent’s service some months applyed to the Court of Somerset County aforesaid for his Freedom and obtained it by the Judgment of the said Court, upon the principle of his being imported into Maryland by reason of his being hired as aforesaid by the said Smith Horsey to this Deponent - & further this Deponent saith not -