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Virginia L [J?]. Be it remembered that at a court held for Greensville county at the courthouse on Monday the ninth day of February in the year one thousand eight hundred and one, and twenty fifth year of the Commonwealth Before Nathaniel [Ruies?] gent. and others justices of the said court came John Walson by William W. Wilkins gent. his attorney and read to the court the following forfeited delivery bonds signed by George Woodlief, Alexander Madill, and John Goodwyn, and also the notice [quien?] thereon in these words, to wit, “Know all men by these presents that we George Woodlief Alexander Madill and John Walson afsignee of Edward Dromgoole in the just and full sum of three hundred and forty nine pounds eighteen shillings and two pence to be paid unto the said John Walson his certain attorney his heirs [executors?] admitors and afsigns, to which payment we’ll and truly to be made we do bind ourselves our heirs [Executors?] and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this twenty second day of January Anno Dom. one thousand eight hundred and one. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas John Walson afsignee of Edward Dromgoole hath shed out of the bounty Court of Greensville a [writ?] of Fiori Farcias against the goods and chattels of the above bound George Woodlief which [writ?] with the legal costs attending the same amounts to the sum of one hundred and seventy four pounds nineteen shillings and one penny, and whereas Isham Lindy Deputy sheriff for William [Lepkes?] sheriff of the said bounty by virtue of the said [writ?] to the said sheriff directed hath taken the following property belonging to the said George Woodlief to satisfy the same, to wit, two negro men, Moses