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p. 473 Item all the rest of my estate I give & bequeath to my said three sonns and daughter to be equally divided betwne them shair & their like Item my will & desire is that my two sonns Thomas & Joshua Woodlief be under the care & tuition of my son John Woodlief till they com to age & that my Sd son Thomas have the comfort of his labor after my decease he using & disposing of the same according to the advice & with the consent of my brother John Woodlief Thomas Wynne & Joshua Wynne and that they take care that my son Thomas be learnt to read which must be paid for out of his owne labour Lastly I nominate constitute & appoint my said sonn John Woodlief my whole & sole executor of this my last will and testament desiring him to execute the same according to my true intent and meaning in witness whereof I have hereto set my hand & seale this 3rd day of July anno 1699 Signed sealed & delivered in presents of the word land being interlined in the eighteenth Georg Woodlief (seal) line and the first page before Richard Blande Mary Blande Charles City County Court att Westover Mary Doyles March 4 1699 This will was proved Joshua Wynne by oathes of Mr Richard Bland

                                         and Capt Joshua Wynne and a probt
                                       thereof granted for Jn Woodlief son
                                       Executor named therein
                                   Test  Jn Taylor C C Cur

An inventory of the Estate of Thomas Lewis Dec'd taken this 17th day of Janry 1699 Tob'o 6 cowes at 350 each is 2100 2 heffers & 1 steer at 500 3 yearlings at 200 1 cow sold to Davis for 50 400 2 cows to Thomas Burge at 700 1 old mair at 300 1 old horse 300 1 young horse sold to Geo Woodlief for 4P 10S 720 1 horse sold to John Butler for 4P is 640 19 hogs at 40 pece one with the other 760 1 featherbed & bedsted with 1 pr blankets, 1 sheet, rug at 700 1 large brass kettle & 1 small Ditto ould 150 1 iron pot & 1 small iron kettle & 1 old frying pan 40 1 payle 1 black bodu covering belong to it at 150 150 to 8 horse collars & cart saddle & all old 60 to 1 drawing knife, 1 fishgig 1 keouil 1 ould sword blade & 2 augers} 40 & 1 cutting knife & 1 hamer all ould 1 old ladle & ra at 30 1 old chests at 100