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Richard Aldham & myself; Charles Old- ham, his Brother came to Petersburg & told me the deponant; that he had purchased the above mentioned boy Sam from his brother Richard & that he gave three hundred dollars for him, which he since sold to a Billy Mason for the same price & that he was glad that he was gon for he beleaved he was a good for nothing: The depondant as [page torn] the said Charles Oldham if he informed said Mason of his infurmaties & his answer [spelled anoned} was that he did not but to examine him as much as he thought proper & to aske him any question & further, this Deponent sayeth not Peyton Mason

We do certify that the annexed Depostion was Sworn to before us agreeable to the Within Commission & notice. Given under our hands & Seals this 10th day of Oct 1805 Joes Harrison {Seal} Alex Brown {Seal}