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The deposition of Edward Ragsdale aged nineteen years at the tavern of Mrs Susan Moore agreeable to a notice given by William Mason to Charles Oldham Mason being present. this deponant being first duly sworn on the holy evangelist of almighty God deposeth & sayeth. That he was at Charles Oldham's sometime in the fall of 1804 at which time William Mason offered to return to Charles Oldham a Negroe boy named Sam & for said Oldham to pay him back the money (300$$) which the said Mason said he gave the said Oldham for the Sam. The reply by the said Oldham was that he was his Brother Dick Oldham's Negroe & that he should be looser if he gave him the money back for the Negroe then the said Mason told him he should bring suit against him (Charles Oldham) if he did not return the money and take the Negroe; then Charles Oldham said that he should be glad if he coud see his brother [illegible] for he expected it might be settled without lawsuit Mason said he did not buy the boy of Dick Oldham therefore he should not go to him for his Money. This Deponant further saith the said Mason asked the said Oldham if he did not sell him the boy for a firm well negroe the reply by Oldham was yes but say Oldham I told you I would not warrant him [illegible] for he was brother's Negroe