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Mason then said to Oldham you know I observed to you that the boy was a little swelld & desired to know the reason; the reply by Oldham was that he ran away and went to Petersburg & had caught the pleurisy which occasioned it but he was nearly well & that there was nothing else the matter with him. A few day before October distn at court for the year 1805. I was requested by Wm Mason to see the situation of the above mentioned Sam, I went behind a house & putting himself in the situation of stooling & his bowels came down to a considerable size; which he told me wared upon lifting any thing of weight come do wn down to the same size which is about the size of a quart bottle. Further this deponant saith not Luxenburg County to Wit Edwary Ragsdale The above desposition was surebferiber [subcriber?] and Sworn to before us this 10th day of October 1805 Upton Edmondson (Seal)

                              William Ragsdale  (Seal)