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But if Burcher dies with no issue---I give (same) to James Burcher's children--- I leave and appoint my nephew John Burcher executor---" Witnesses: Anne Moss Starkey Armistead (Her inventory shows that she had five slaves.) (York County Wills and Inventories No. 22, p. 73) John 3 Burcher, himself, died in 1782 and inventory of his estate was returned June 17, 1782. (York Co. W.&I. No. 25, p. 6) His widow, Diana Moss Burcher remarried January 29, 1803 to Ishmael Gibbons. John and Diane Burcher had these children: A. John 4 Burcher B. James 4 Moss Burcher Proof of these children is the fact that their grandfather Benjamin Moss was appointed their guardian (York Guardians' Accounts) A. JOHN 4 BURCHER (John 3, John 2, Bartholomew 1 Burcher) was called "orphan of John Burcher" in 1783. (Guardians' Accounts) He was underage and probably born around 1771 based on a statement in Amy Moss' will namely "[if?] John Burcher dies with no issue ---". This implies that he then had no children. He married Elizabeth Garrow, daughter of John and Mary Garrow. Given is a part of John Garrow's will: ---wife Mary; daughter Frances Manson Garrow; son William Garrow;---I give to my son William Garrow Martha Belvin and Mary Dawson 20 shillings each;---my grandson John Burcher---grand-daughter Mary Llewelyn Garrow--- 17 November 1805 16 June 1806 (York W.&I. No. 23. p. 689)