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But if Burcher dies with no issue---I give (same) to James Burcher's children--- I leave and appoint my nephew John Burcher executor---" Witnesses: Anne Moss Starkey Armistead (Her inventory shows that she had five slaves.) (York County Wills and Inventories No. 22, p. 73) John3 Burcher, himself, died in 1782 and inventory of his estate was returned June 17, 1782. (York Co. W.&I. No. 25, p. 6) His widow, Diana Moss Burcher remarried January 29, 1803 to Ishmael Gibbons. John and Diane Burcher had these children: A. John4 Burcher B. James4 Moss Burcher Proof of these children is the fact that their grandfather Benjamin Moss was appointed their guardian (York Guardians' Accounts) A. JOHN4 BURCHER (John3, John2, Bartholomew1 Burcher) was called "orphan of John Burcher" in 1783. (Guardians' Accounts) He was underage and probably born around 1771 based on a statement in Amy Moss' will namely "[if?] John Burcher dies with no issue ---". This implies that he then had no children. He married Elizabeth Garrow, daughter of John and Mary Garrow. Given is a part of John Garrow's will: ---wife Mary; daughter Frances Manson Garrow; son William Garrow;---I give to my son William Garrow Martha Belvin and Mary Dawson 20 shillings each;---my grandson John Burcher---grand-daughter Mary Llewelyn Garrow--- 17 November 1805 16 June 1806 (York W.&I. No. 23. p. 689)