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Burcher and considered his nephew (already written about) lived and had children as late as 1805, this John Burcher (following) is assumed to be a son of James 3 Burcher and will be treated as such. JOHN4 BURCHER, probably a son of James 3 Burcher and his wife (name unknown), was in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He died in service and his widow, LUCY BURCHER appealed to the York County Court for assistance June 1778; and again in June 1779. She was given a small allowance (York County Orders No. 4 p. 163; 218) No child support was requested; no children have been identified with John 4 and Lucy Burcher. During the War of 1812 record shows that HAYS/HAYES BURCHER was a private in the 68th Regiment and served under Lt. Robert McCandlish and also under Philmore Clarke. He saw active duty August 12 to September 2, 1814 and from November 1 to December 3 the same year. During that period the British were in Hampton Roads and York River and Yorktown itself, incurred damages. The name Hay/Hays/Hayes definitely links him to the John 2 Burcher and John Hay intermarriage with the Burcher family. His parentage is not stated in York records, nor does one find anything more about him in York County.

Only one other male child of Bartholomew 1 Burcher survived, namely: 6. JOHN 2 BURCHER (THE YOUNGER) born January 28, 1719. (BARTHOLOMEW 2 BURCHER born 1708, disappeared from local records.) There is no information on this younger John 2 Burcher. One wonders if this name should not have been James instead of a second child being named John. The older brother John 2 was still living at the time.