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JAMES1 BURCHER, born about 1720, is of the same time frame as the children of Bartholomew1 Burcher, but his birth is not recorded in the Charles Parish Register. One may wonder if the second (or "younger") John Burcher who was born January 28, 1719 should not have been JAMES instead. There is nothing to disprove this speculation, so James1 Burcher will be treated as a first generation also. JAMES1 BURCHER, born around 1729, was married by 1742 to MARTHA (maiden name unknown) and they registered the birth of a child in 1743. (If he was 23 by the time this child was born, then 1720 would be an approximate birthdate for him.) Martha Burcher died August 23, 1748 and he married secondly, ELIZABETH ___. Inventory for James Burcher was recorded in York County June 18, 1759. (York Wills and Inventories 1746-59, p. 509; 517) And Edward Cross, Joseph Hopkins, and Thomas Chisman appraised the estate. (These appraisers lived "farther down the county" than the Mosses and Goodwins, placing this James Burcher nearer the present Tabb area.) He farmed a small tract of land and had a medium amount of livestock. Children born to James1 Burcher (with two wives) were: 1. Mary2 Burcher born December 26, bapt. March 11, 1743 2. Sarah2 Burcher born Sept. 5, 1747; died Oct. 19, 1748 3. Lewis2 Burcher born July 7, 1750 4. James2 Burcher born ca. 1752 5. William2 Burcher born October 16, 1775 The settlement for the estate of James1 Burcher was not completed until January 16, 1764. (York W.&I. No. 21, p. 174)