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Elizabeth Burcher, his wife, was born 1768. She was reported in each census and in 1850 was living with a son, Edward Burcher. She gave her age then as 82 years. Apparently WILLIAM1 BURCHER and his wife Elizabeth had: 1. A daughter born 1795, probably married or dead by 1820 2. A daughter born 1797 3. William2 Burcher born 1799-1800 (age 60 in 1860 census) 4. Edward2 Burcher born 1801 5. A son born 1804 6. James2 Burcher born 1806 7. Elizabeth2 Burcher born 1808 8. Lewis2 Burcher born 1811 9. John2 Burcher born 1814-15 (1860 census) 10. A son born 1818 Nothing is known about the daughter of William1 Burcher and his wife Elizabeth Burcher. 3. WILLIAM2 BURCHER, oldest son of William1 and Elizabeth Burcher, was 60 years old when the 1860 census was taken. So, he was born 1799-1800. He married Elizabeth ___ by 1835. She was also cammed [called] "Betsy W." and she was born 1810-1812 according to the census. In 1870 he was deceased, but "Betsy" was 60 years old and son William, age 22 years, was living at that home. (Family #44) This family lived evidently near the York County lined in the area between present day Denbigh Boulevard and Fort Eustis Boulevard. Their neighbors were: family #41 John Burcher; #42 John Fox; #45 Edmund Powell; #46 Fred Burcher; #47 James G. Burcher; #48 Lewis Burcher; #49 James and Lucy Powell etc. The proximity of these families tends to tie them together.