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4. EDWARD 2 BURCHER, fourth child and second son of William 1 Burcher and his wife Elizabeth Burcher, was born 1801. He was married to Frances ___ about 1830; was a member of Grafton Christian Church December 1, 1842 and he died April 1855 according to that church's record. Frances Burcher was born 1807/8 in York County. She was a Baptist and transferred from the "Old Grafton Baptist" to the Grafton Christian Church and was baptized May 30, 1846. She died 1872. (Church record) The fact that this family worshipped in Grafton, York County indicates the nearness of their residence (farm) to York County. (It might be interesting to note that the Grafton Baptist Church was directly located across the Brick Church Road from the Grafton Christian Church. After the latter church was organized the few remaining Baptists established a church in present day Hornsbyville (Tampico). Children born to this family were: (1) Frances 3 Burcher born 1831 in York County (2) James 3 Gardiner Burcher born 1834 (3) John 3 Edward Burcher born 1847 (4) Frederick 3 P. Burcher born 1840 (5) Ann 3 E. Burcher born 1842 (6) Emeline 3 Burcher born 1849 (1) FRANCES 3 BURCHER, daughter of Edward 2 (William 1) Burcher and his wife Frances (Fannie) Burcher, was born 1831 in York County, Virginia. She married Martin Walker around 1851. He was born 1833. They had two children: