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Children of Frederick Burcher by his two wives are given: A. Florida4 Burcher born March 27, 1868 B. Edward4 Burcher born July or August 1870 C. Signora4 Burcher born 1872-3 D. Sydney4 Frank Burcher born 1875 E. Frederick4 Powell Burcher born 1877 F. Washington4 Burcher born February 1879 G. George4 Burcher born May 12, 1880 H. Mary4 (Mamie) Frances Burcher born November 20, 1882 I. Nettie4 Burcher born October 19, 1886 J. Annie4 Burcher born ___ Amanda Hogge Burcher was born 1857. (census) 4. FLORIDA4 BURCHER, daughter of Frederick3 Burcher and his wife wife Frances Powell Burcher, was born March 28, 1868. (Her tombstone) She married Nathaniel Wood March 30, 1886. (York Marriage Register and parentage for the parties is also recorded) He was the son of Robert and Mary Wood and he was born 1865. They lived in Grafton village. They had three children: (A) James5 Wood born 1890 (B) Fannie5 Wood born February 28, 1892 (C) Fred5 Wood " 1887 Florida Burcher Wood died February 4, 1935. (Tombstone) (A) JAMES5 WOOD, born 1890, married first Bette Wood, daughter of Simon and Willy J. Wood. He married secondly, Bertha White Hansford, daughter of Mordecai and Alice White of Seaford. By this last marriage he had a daughter, MARION6 WOOD. James Wood was employed by the State Highway Commission and was involved in road maintenance in York County. He died March 27, 1982 at age 92 years. (Obituary)