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B. FANNIE 5 WOOD, daughter of Florida 4 (Frederick 3, Edward 2, William 1) Burcher Wood and her husband Nathaniel Wood, was born February 28, 1892. She married Clinton Burcher December 19, 1914. (See p. 32 for her lineage) This writer does not know of any other children that Florida Burcher Wood may have had.

B. EDWARD 4 BURCHER, oldest son of Frederick 3 (Edward 2, William 1) Burcher and his first wife Frances (Fannie) Powell Burcher, was born July of August 1870. (census) He had died by 1940 for he was not mentioned in the obituary of a close family member. No research has been done on him.

C. SIGNORA 4 BURCHER, daughter of Frederick 3 Burcher and his first wife Frances (Fannie) Powell Burcher, was born 1872. She married Thomas D. Wood May 12, 1889. (York Marriage Register) He was a son of Robert and Mary Ann Wood and he was born 1863. They had seven children; they lived in the same area of York and Warwick Counties as did the other Burchers and Woods and attended Grafton Christian Church. In later years as a widow, she moved to the Wade Farm on Oriana Road. Given are her children: (A) Z.T.5 Wood who died before 1963 (B) Jeannette 5 Wood born 1893 (C) Joseph 5 Wood died before 1963 (D) Sydney C. 5 Wood born December 27, 1903 (E) Benjamin 5 M. Wood born 1906 (F) Jesse 5 Gray Wood born August 4, 1908 (G) [illegible] Ernest 5 Wood born ___ (H) Lee Wood (I) [illegible] Burcher