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DeAlba and his wife Ann Delila Wood DeAlba. The DeAlba family lived at Harris Grove on the York Hampton Highway and was a neighbor to the people over near the York-Warwick boundary line. Their children were: (A) Helen5 Burcher (B) Frederick5 P. Burcher (A) HELEN5 BURCHER born married ___ Barton and they reside in California. (B) FREDERICK5 P. BURCHER (Buster), born 1913; died June 14, 1964 at age 51 years. He married Mattiel ___ and they had two children: a. Joan6 Lee Burcher b. Mrs. Richard Scruggs Fred Burcher Jr., called "Buster" had a grandchild to survive him also. (obituary). Carrie DeAlba Burcher died July 9, 1965. These Burchers are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Newport News, Va.


F. WASHINGTON4 BURCHER, son of Frederick3 Burcher and his first wife Frances Powell Burcher, was born February 1879. His mother died soon after in 1879. He was not among the survivors in his sister's obituary in 1940.


G. GEORGE4 W. BURCHER, son of Frederick3 Burcher and his second wife Amanda Hogge Burcher, was born May 12, 1880. He married Willie Marshall Davis Graves, daughter of Columbus Davis and his wife Georgianna Dudley David. They lived in Seaford a long time but later moved to Newport News. They had three children: