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75 Although he found it needful to give attention to the support of a large family, yet he was constantly engaged in preaching the gospel from place to place. Naturally he possessed a vigorous mind. His early educational advantages were slender, but he availed himself of opportunities to improve his knowledge. He displayed sound judgement; as evidence of this, he was elevated to the magistracy and for many years actually and faithfully filled this position. He also represented his County in the Legislature in 1821 to 1827, expecting one year. As a business man, he was reliable, both by information he had acquired and the integrity of his character.

His death occurred on the 29th of October 1840, being sixty-six years of age. The event was deplored not only by his family, but by a large number of those who had shared in his ministrations. His gentle disposition had endeared him to the people of his county and in his separation from them, he was missed as one they had tenderly regarded." (Note: This is a lengthy quotation, but the book from which it was taken as been out of print and out of circulation many years. The copyright of 1859 has long ago expired. This has been included in its entirety for possible enjoyment and pride in his accomplishments by his descendants. T.H.) No research has been attempted using Warwick (Newport News) Court Records. Those dated prior to the Civil War, except for one Minutes Book, were burned. However, the Warwick census for various years gives some information on the Warwick Curtises. Repeating an earlier statement, this manuscript is chiefly about the York Curtises. Continue now with the incomplete lineage of Thomas 5 Curtis (Edmund 4 II., Edmund 3 I., Robert 2, Robert 1 Curtis) Thomas Curtis and Ann Presson were married June 9, 1800 (york Mar record) She was probably a first wife.