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131 Patrick died -------". He married secondly, Mary _______ November 7, 1817 and that Bible shows that "Mary Patrick, second wife of William Patrick, died November 20, 1820". There are some slight discrepancies in the dates in the Buchanan Bible and the York Court records. One must remember that faded handwriting can often be misinterpreted. According to the Court records: William Patrick had died before February 14, 1823 and his wife Mary Patrick died by 18 September 1820. (Not November 20) The settlement for Mary Patrich is given: "MARY PATRICK, deceased, in account with Robert Sheild, Clerk of the Court--April 1821------- sale of three negroes under Court order dated 18 September 1820 ---------$675.00 (also bonds which she held) Henry Buchanan, Solomon Powell in charge of sale----- John C. Patrick and others, heirs of William Patrick deceased by Henry H. Sheild, their attorney-------" (York Will Book 10. p. 458) So both William and Mary Patrick were deceased by April 1821. They had no children and this estate was heired by William's siblings. (Note "John C. Patrick" his brother and "others") They had an attorney hired to look out for their interests. T.H.