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Norma8 Johnson, who married Wayne Ahner and they have a son. Ashby Johnson died (b) Robert7 Hudson Hansford born September 16, 1922; married Marguerite Moore Harrell June 30, 1945. They had two daughters: Elsie8 Louise Hansford born September 20, 1946, who married Carlton Henly and they have two children: Lisa8. Hudson Hansford born April 26, 1954 and she married Michael Thomas Fields. Robert Hudson Hansford married secondly, Alice (c) Norma7 Jeannette Hansford born March 5, 1925; married Franklin Lawson October 11, 1952. They have two children: Franklin8 Lawson Jr. born September 3, 1953 and Katherine8 Anna Lawson born January 8, 1955. h. Annie6 Eliza Hansford born August 29, 18999; married Enos Hogg January 19, 1918. She died October 9, 1918. No issue. i. William6 Hudson Hansford born June 11, 1901; died February 8, 1920 as a result of a boat accident. He was unmarried. j. Robert6 Lee Hansford born June 12, 1904 died May 8, 1976. He married Thelma Ironmonger July 9, 1929. Their son was: Robert7 Wesley Hansford born November 2, 1936. He married first. Beverley Cooke July 14, 1957 and their son, Robert8 Stafford Hansford was born December 11, 1959. He married secondly, Saundra Ingle February 24, 1973 and they have two sons: Christopher8 Lee Hansford born July 8, 1977 and Lawrence Blair8 Hansford born November 12, 1982. (D) Frank5 Lee Hogg, son of Columbia4 Burt Hogg and her husband Thomas W. Hogg, was born February 14, 1866 and died October 15, 1956. He married first, Jenny Bunting February 14, 1889. He married secondly, Emma Westcott February 14, 1904. His children were: