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a. Gertie 6 Hogg who died a young woman unmarried b. Edward 6 Hogg who went to sea on Merchant Marine ships. He died unmarried. c. Maggie 6 Lee Hogg married Albert Shreves of Nansemond County, as his second wife, in 1935. They had no children. Mr. Shreves died in 1959 at age 94 years. d. Mercer 6 Vansant Hogg (by second wife) was born November 17, 1904; he died January 1976. He married first, Hazel Cottee of Gloucester and they had one son, Mercer 6 V. Hogg Jr. born August 26, 1928, who married Betty Elkins and they have three children. Mercer V. Hogg Sr. later married Dorothy Mickie but he had no other children. e. Lola 6 Mae Hogg born September 22, 1908, married William Fox October 16, 1942. They had no children. f. Rethia 6 Hogg born August 12, 1913 died December 21 1931 unmarried. (E) Robert 5 Thomas Hogg, son of Columbia 4 Burt Hogg and her husband, Thomas W. Hogg was born October 15, 1867 and he died November 27, 1941. He married Elizabeth Parker, called "Lizzie", December 25, 1887. She died April 19, 1951. They had two children: a. Columbia 6 Mazella Hogg, called "Lummie" born October 29, 1889. She married Christopher Wainwright January 8, 1905 and they had one child, Christine 7 Wainwright born December 1908. She married Granville Tillage October 1929 and they had two sons, Granville 8 Christian Tillage and Robert 8 Wainwright Tillage. b. William 6 Allen Hogg born August 20, 1892 died He married first, Eva Freeman December 31, 1917; he married secondly, Sadie Quinn. His children are given: