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(a) William 7 Allen Hogg Jr. called "Sammie" was born in 1918 and he died March 24, 1983. He married Laura Fletcher in 1942 and their children are: Ronald 8 Freeman Hogg born November 3, 1946 and James 8 Allen Hogg born May 1948. He was interred at Lebannon [Lebanon] Christian Church Cemetery in Newport News. (b) Joseph 7 J. Hogg (by second wife) who married Barbara Wilson. They have no children. (c) Robert 7 Quinn Hogg is unmarried (1983). (F) Sydney 5 Mercer Hogg, son of Columbia 4 Burt Hogg and her husband Thomas W. Hogg, was born February 21, 1872; died Aug. 19, 1965. He married first, Effie Swartz May 2, 1894. She died in 1896. He married secondly Mamie Dawson Parker, a widow. He had no issue. (G) Martha 5 Eliza Hogg, daughter of Columbia 4 Burt Hogg and her husband Thomas W. Hogg, was born August 15, 1875 and died November 17, 1960. She married George Montgomery November 24, 1892. Issue: Issue: a. Vaiden 6 L. Montgomery, born 1893; died June 23, 1962. He married Virginia and they had one child, Dorothy 7 Montgomery who married ___ La Rette and she died April 24, 1964. Vaiden Montgomery married secondly, Emma Jackson but there were no children. b. Elvira 6 Montgomery, born November 17, 1895, married B.F. Smith of New York. They had two daughters: (a) Margaret 7 Loraine Smith born July 25, 1921. She married George N. Martin June 6, 1941 and they have two children. (b) Evelyn 7 Marie Smith born December 3, 1924. She married James Martin August 3, 1931. They have a daughter. c. Raymond 6 Montgomery, born February 25, 1902; died. He married Ada Clarke and they had one daughter,