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Mattie7 Loraine Montgomery born August 28, 1929. She married first, Earnest McDowell and they had three children: Ernest8 McDowell; Margaret8 McDowell; and James8 Lowry McDowell born 1951 and died January 23, 1976 in an automobile accident. She married secondly, Sydney Wood but there were no children. He died 1983. d. Herman6 Montgomery born September 19, 1904 died He married Louise Wilson. They had no children. (H) Baby Wood, child of Columbia4 Burt Hogg Wood and her second husband William Wood, was born 1880 and died in infancy. --- [handwritten: section here] (2) Martha3 Frances Curtis, second daughter of Martha2 Moreland Curtis and her husband Edmund Curtis, was born December 21, 1811 and died January 6, 1892. (her tombstone in Curtis-Wynne graveyard in Dare area of York County.) On September 9, 1833 she married Edmund T. Wynne. He was born August 3, 1814 and died May 15, 1885. (tombst.) According to the 1850 census for York County, they had these children: A. Edmund4 Wynne born 1836 B. John4 Wynne born 1838 C. Frank4 Wynne born 1839 D. Richard4 Wynne born 1841 E. Mary4 Wynne born 1844 F. Robert4 C. Wynne born April 16, 1846 G. James4 Cornelius Wynne born December 13, 1847 H. Lucy4 M. Wynne born 1849 I have no information on the first four children.