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E. Mary 4 E. Wynne, daughter of Martha 3 Curtis Wynne and her husband Edmund T. Wynne, was born 1844. (Census) She married Frederick B. Minson November 17, 1868. He was the son of Thomas and Mary Minson and he was born 1834. This was his second marriage. (York County Marriage Record) F. Robert 4 C. Wynne, son of Martha 3 Curtis Wynne and her husband Edmund T. Wynne, was born April 16, 1846. He married Nellie A. Whitaker May 23, 1871. She was the daughter of Thomas and Lucy Whitaker and she was born 1854. He married secondly, Zellica Ann ___ born September 20, 1853 and died February 28, 1933. He died May 16, 1898 and this family. is interred in the Grafton Christian Church Cemetery. Among their children were: (A) John 5 R. Wynne born 1872; died 1872 (B) Liberta 5 Wynne born 1873; died 1873 (C) Thomas 5 O. Wynne (D) Miles 5 Wills Wynne born 1876 (E) George 5 A. Wynne (F) F.L. 5 Wynne (G) Edmund 5 C. Wynne born 1882; died 1882 (H) M.C. 5 Wynne (I) Lucy 5 Wynne born February 24, 1886 (J) Mamie 5 Wynne (K) Richard 5 Douglas Wynne born July 4, 1896 The six surviving sons are named in the father's will. The two older ones were designated the executors. (York W.B. 16, p. 271) (C) Thomas 5 C. Wynne was apparently his father's eldest surviving son being so designated in the will and named an executor. I know nothing more about him.