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Today the wash stand (fully refinished) is in one of my bedrooms and my sister has the Bible table. During the 1940's the side board was literally "given away" (for $5.00) to be replaced with a then modern dining room suite. (What a pity.) T.H. Concerning this family I have done very little research because I have been mainly interested in Moreland per se. I have copied tombstones and do have several obituaries which I have used. (C) Richard5 H. Wynne born February 27, 1875; died October 28, 1955. He married Georgie Booker. She died March 31, 1963 at age 81 years. (Obit.) in Deerfield Beach, Florida, though this family had made their home in Hampton. They are buried in the family graveyard (Curtis-Wynne) in the Dare section of York County. Their children are given, not necessarily in order: a. Humphrey6 B. Wynne of Newport News b. James6 E. Wynne of Newport News c. Robert6 W. Wynne of Hampton d. Mrs. Raymond W. Boggs of Feerfield [Deerfield] Beach, Florida e. Mrs. Thomas D. Gunby of Rayville, La. f. Mrs. William J. Cooper of San Antonio, Texas g. Mrs. John Samuelson of Canal Zone died __ 2003 (E) Robert5 Wade Wynne born November 29, 1878; died February 22, 1904 --- H. Lucy4 M. Wynne, the youngest child of Martha3 Curtis Wynne and her husband Edmund T. Wynne, was born 1849. She married William H. Howard March 31, 1868. He was the son of Samuel L. and M. Frances Howard of Elizabeth City County. He was age 29 years and she was 18 years. This concludes known information about the descendants of Martha3 Curtis Wynne.