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(3) Ann3 Cary Curtis, the third and youngest daughter of Martha2 Moreland Curtis and her husband Edmund Curtis, was born 1814. In 1832 she married Seaton Elliott, born 1811. (From his grand-daughter's D.A.R. papers) He died 1848. At the November 20, 1848 session of Court in York County, Edmund T. Wynne was appointed to settle the estate and he was later named guardian of the Elliott children. (Orders No. 13, p. 415) "Ann Elliott" was so named in her father's will dated September 21, 1846, probated July 20, 1857. (York W.B. No. 13, p. 352) There was a bargain of sale between Mercer M. Burt and Diana his wife; Seaton Elliott and Nancy his wife; and Edmund T. Wynne and Martha his wife of the one part and Fred B. Power of the other. (York Orders No. 13, p. 172) These three women were sisters. Just when Ann3 Cary Curtis Elliott died is not known to this writer but she was buried in the Curtis-Wynne graveyard in Dare section of York County. I learned this when a grandson was buried there beside his mother and grandmother. (I attended that burial service.) Her youngest child was born August 1871. Children of Ann3 Cary Curtis Elliott and her husband Seaton Elliott were: A. Ann4 Maria Elliott born April 7, 1835 B. Mary4 Curtis Elliott born 1836 (1850 census) C. Kemp4 Bernard Elliott born 1840 (1850 census) D Martha4 Elizabeth Elliott born 1840 (1850 census) E. Seaton4 S. Elliott born 1843 (1850 census) A. Ann4 Maria Elliott, daughter of Ann3 Cary Curtis Elliott and her husband Seaton Elliott, was born April 7, 1835. She was the second wife of William J. Lindsay, his first wife (my great-