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great grand-mother) having died August 5, 1850. This marriage was soon thereafter. He was born July 3, 1816 and died December 1886. Their children were: (A) William 5 J. Lindsay born February 17, 1853 (B) Thomas 5 Curtis Lindsay born January 20, 1855 (C) Edmund 5 Cary Lindsay born March 19, 1857 (D) George 5 Virginius Lindsay born August 27, 1859 (E) Jackson 5 Drenex Lindsay born August 26, 1862 (F) Robert 5 Edward Lindsay born December 19, 1865 (G) Mary 5 Ann Lindsay born April 15, 1868 (H) Leroy 5 E. Lindsay born. August 10, 1871 These dates are from an original Lindsay paper which I have in my possession; also some were copied from a Lindsay Family Bible. For more details on the entire family see Lindsay manuscript written by my mother, Elizabeth H. Ironmonger. Also Hansford and Kinsmen which I, myself, wrote in 1950. Seato Elliott's mother was Elizabeth Hansford. (Ann 4 Maria Elliott was no kin to me but her children were half-brothers and half-sister to my great grand-mother Alice Bird Lindsay. Consequently, there is a blood relationship between her children and me. And when a recent family estate was settled, I was able to purchase a caned rocking chair that had belong to Ann Elliott Lindsay herself.) (A) William 5 J. Lindsay born February 17, 1853 died October 1881. He was buried in the Curtis-Wynne graveyard in York County. He married Virginia A. Provoo, daughter of John and Sarah Provoo, January 9, 1879. Their children were: a. Annie6 L. Lindsay born 1879; died October 1905. She