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married Arthur Wood October 15, 1895 and they had three children. b. Willie6 Belle Lindsay born January 1, 1882; died 1966. She married Judson Crockett, son of Jefferson and Virginia Dawson Crockett, June 5, 1901. They had six children. (B) Thomas5 Curtis Lindsay born January 20, 1855; died January 21, 1930. He married Lunette Walker December 11, 1879 and she died in 1881. He married secondly Sarah Wainwright June 10, 1885. His children were: a. John6 Curtis Lindsay born November 3, 1881. (by 1st wife) He lived in Norfolk and never married. b. William6 T. Lindsay born June 20, 1886; died June 15, 1952. He lived in the Dare area of York County. He never married. c. Charles6 Victor Lindsay born September 4, 1887; died September 4, 1940. He married Della Crockett December 19, 1907. He was on the police force in Newport News. They had two daughters. d. Edward6 Marvin Lindsay born august 15, 1889; died October 8, 1957. He married Lucy Green. They had no children. e. Stonewall6 Jackson Lindsay born December 13, 1891; died December 1956. He married Edith Thomas December 13, 1916. He, too, was on the police force in Newport News. They had one son. f. Frank6 Lee Lindsay born August 1, 1893; died June 22, 1894 g. Lillian6 C. Lindsay born June 12, 1895; died Sept. 28, 1898 h. Leroy6 Odell Lindsay born December 23, 1899 moved to California. i. Melvin6 Cary Lindsay born February 4, 1902; died April 20, 1968. He married Margaret (Maggie) Moore and they had three children. They lived in Poquoson. j. Herman6 Martin Lindsay born February 4, 1904 never married. Most of this family are buried in Providence Methodist Church Cemetery.