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(C) Edmund5 Cary Lindsay born March 19, 1857 and died September 21, 1921. He married Mary Konkle November 28, 1878. This family lived in Richmond and later Norfolk. Their children are given: a. William6 Lee Lindsay born February 14, 1880; died March 7, 1939. He married Grace Harrington. They had no children. b. Bessie6 Mae Lindsay born January 17, 1883; died September 30, 1950. She married William Edward Winder, a cousin, whose mother Alice Lindsay Winder was half-sister to her father. They had two daughters: (a) Mary7 Alice Winder born February 11, 1904; died May 27, 1975. She married Harvey Crane; they had no children. (b) Pearl7 Elizabeth Winder born December 25, 1909; died October 31, 1974 unmarried. This family lived in Dare section of York County and they are buried in the Providence Methodist Church Cemetery. c. Francis6 (Frank) Edward Lindsay born January 13, 1886; died September 21, 1941. He married Ethel Fowler June 193[3?4?5?] There were no children. This family lived in Norfolk. d. Lottie6 Pearl Lindsay born September 13, 1887; died January 17, 1949. She married Lawrence Edward Smith June 10, 1918. They had a son but he died at age two years. e. Edmund6 Cary Lindsay Jr. born September 5, 1892; died 1972. He married Margaret Petty. They had no children. They lived in Norfolk. f. John6 Lawrence Lindsay born October 7, 1895; died January 12, 1965. He married Louise Miller of Richmond June 25, 1924. They had five children. g. Claudeus6 Maynard Lindsay born May 20, 1898; died November 11, 1957. He married Ann Jordon of Norfolk in January 1931.