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July Court Judgment is granted the pill for 410 of grop job; by account with costs and lawyers fee.

The suit an petition between Robert Burgefs Pll & James Furnisly Defe is Court. The suit on petition between William Battoe pll I Jacobus Lorcan Deff is dimis! I the plls order to pay costs. I the suit a petition between Isaac Furguson asm of all singular the goods challets rights heiorils of Josiah Furguson pll solamed An get def aurgument is grantedthe pll for three pounds eighteen shillings & eleven pence by obligation with legal interest from the 28th day of April one thousand seven hundred and forty nine till the same is paid with losts.

In the action of trespass upon the base between Thomas Robert Duncohs Elizabeth Waller George Waller Peter Heogman John Paglon Waltlen Maury Liors of the last will and testament of Charles Waller dies debt on the diffs motion special imparlance is granted them till the next court. In the action of debt between Robert William xxx Charles Harring Gef. On the debt motion a special imparlance is granted them till the next court.