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of Samuel Cobbs, of Amelia County. There is a deed in Amelia, May 1759, from Edmund Booker and Edith Marot Booker, his wife; and Edith, widow of Samuel Cobbs, in her will dated March 9, 1758, gives a legacy to her granddaughter Rachel, daughter of Edmond Booker Jr.; and appoints her son-in-law, Edmund Booker, Jr., one of her executors.

The will of Edmund Booker, dated Sept. 26, 1792, and proved in Amelia Sept, 2, 1793, confirms to his son Edmund, negroes given him many years before; to son Samuel, the same; to son Davis, seven negroes given him years before; the land where he lives, after taking off the part he has given to his son, to go to grandson Edmund Morton; rest of estate equally between children: Edmund, Samuel, Davis and Jane Booker, Rachel Morton and Frances Hill.

Issue: 26. Edmund; 27. Davis; 28. Samuel: 29. Parham; 30. Jane; Rachel, married ___Morton; 32. Frances, married James Hill (marriage bond in Amelia, January 28, 1781).

14. RICHARD[superscript]3[superscript] BOOKER (Edward,[superscript] 2[superscript] Richard [superscript]1[superscript]) of Amelia, was born ___, and died in 1760. He was colonel of he militia of Amelia County. He married Rachel 9.