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The inventory of the personal estate of "Col. Richard Booker," was recorded in Amelia in April, 1761. Issue: 33. Edward; 34. Richard; 35 Parham; 36. John; 37. William Marshall. 17. EDWARD[superscript]3[su1[superscript]perscript] BOOKER (Edward, [superscript]2[superscript] Richard[superscript]1[superscript] of Winterham," Amelia County, was born ____, and died 1760. He married Ann, daughter of Samuel Cobbs, of Amelia. Their marriage contract, dated Feb. 21, 1739, is of "Captain Edward Booker,: is recorded under date of June, 1760, and amounts to 1,801,7.3. lbs. His will was dated Dec. 21, 1759, and proved in Amelia, March 27, 1760. He left to his son Edward, the land where he (the testator) then lived, and one negro boy; to his daughter Kitty Booker, one negro girl; to his wife, Ann, ten slaves to be chosen by her; his land on Deep Creek to be sold and the proceeds, after his debts were paid, to be divided between his four children, Edward, Mary, Kitty and Statira. All the rest of his estate, after his wife has taken her choice, to be divided between his children, Edward, Mary Marshall Parham, Kitty and Statira. And what he lends to his