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wife for her life to be divided in the same manner at her decease.

Issue: 38. Edward; 39. Kitty; 40. Statira; 41. Mary Marshall Parham, married James Henderson (marriage bond, Amelia, April 18, 1767).

20. WILLIAM[superscript] 3[/superscript]BOOKER (Richard, [superscript]2[/superscript] Richard[superscript]1[/superscript]) of Amelia County, was born June 11, 1714, and died Feb. 10, 1755 (Family Bible), married Mary ___. His will was dated Sept. 29, 1754, and proved in Amelia. He gave his son Richard 435 acres in Amelia where the testator then lived, which was a part of a tract of land granted to his father Richard Booker; also 400 acres in Lunenburg on the south side of Meherrin River and on the branches of Buckhorn; to son John, land on the upper side of "Bears Ellament," in Lunenburg County and on both sides of Mason's Creek, "which may be about 600 acres;" also 400 acres on the lower side of "Bears Ellament;" remaining lands to be equally divided between sons William and Lowry, William to have the part adjoining Crooked Creek, and the plantation on Little Beaver Pond, and Lowry, the upper part adjoining "Bears Ellament" and Meherrin river. Legacies to daughters, Martha and Mary. Rest of estate equally 12.