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wife for her life to be divided in the same manner at her decease.

Issue: 38. Edward; 39. Kitty; 40. Statira; 41. Mary Marshall Parham, married James Henderson (marriage bond, Amelia, April 18, 1767).

20. WILLIAM[superscript]3[superscript]BOOKER (Richard, [superscript]2[superscript] Richard[superscript]1[superscript]) of Amelia County, was born June 11, 1714, and died Feb. 10, 1755 (Family Bible), married Mary ___. His will was dated Sept. 29, 1754, and proved in Amelia. He gave his son Richard 435 acres in Amelia where the testator then lived, which was a part of a tract of land granted to his father Richard Booker; also 400 acres in Lunenburg on the south side of Meherrin River and on the branches of Buckhorn; to son John, land on the upper side of "Bears Ellament," in Lunenburg County and on both sides of Mason's Creek, "which may be about 600 acres;" also 400 acres on the lower side of "Bears Ellament;" remaining lands to be equally divided between sons Willaim