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Richard D. Booker and Mary Jane Ford. Of 33. Edward; 34. Richard Marot; 35. Parham; 36. John; 37. William, sons of Col. Richard Booker, who died in 1760, nothing can be certainly stated from the information at hand. Much of the land left them was in other counties.

38. Edward 4 Book (Edward 3, Edward 2 Richard 1), seems to have been the Capt. Edward Booker who was in service commanding a company of Amelia militia in 1776 (there are several payments to him inthe [in the] State records): was commissioned Lieutenant-Colonel of the militia of the county in 1780 (Amelia Records), and was County Lietenant in 1788 &c. No further information in regard to him can be derived from the data at hand.

50. John 4 Booker (John 3, Richard 2, Richard 1), of Amelia, was born June 23, 1751 and died June 18, 1803. He was a justice of Amelia and a member of the House of Delegates in 1784. He married, Jan. 19, 1775, Elizabeth Giles (Family Bible) daughter of Wm. B. Giles. Issue: 60. Richard, born Nov. 8, 1775, d. s. p.; 61. Anne, born Oct. 11, 1777, married May 1, 1800, John Garland Jefferson; 62. John, born Jan. 10, 1779, member of House of Delegates 1817 and 1822, and died 15