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October 1792, Samuel Baskerville and Statira Booker; September, 1761, Edward Booker and Mary Bentley; October 22, 1761, Peter Bland and Judith Booker; December 5, 1756, Stith Hardaway and Purify Booker; June 23, 1763, Richard Booker and Martha Robertson; June 26, 1763, James Hill and Ann Booker; December 4, 1764, John Booker and Susan, daughter of John Pride; September 5, 1760, James Taylor and Martha Booker, widow; April 18, 1767, James Henderson and Mary Marshall Parham Booker; May 14, 1768, William (son of William) Booker and Edith (daughter of George) Booker; April 17, 1769, Leonard Cheatham and Mary Booker; July 27, 1777, Robert Hudson and Jean Booker; January 1797, Moses Overstreet and Mary Booker; July 1798, Jesse Mosby and Judith Booker; January 1798, Moses Overton and Hide Booker; May 1798, John W. Selden and Ann Booker; September 1800, Davis Booker and Sarah Booker; January 1800, Edward Eggleston and Judith Booker; April 1800, John G. Jefferson and Ann Booker; May 1800, Parham Booker and Elizabeth Overton; January 1799, Daniel Booker and Mary Winston; May, 1801, Mathew Moseley and Mary Booker; February 1801, Austin Seay and Sally M. Booker; June 1803, John Robertson and Elizabeth 19.