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"The Butler Family in America" Compiled by W. D. Butler, #6706 Va. avr. St. Louis MO.; John Cromwell Butler, late of Denver, Colo., and Joseph Marion Butler of Chicago Ill. Pub 1909. by the Shalleross Pub. Co. of Louis [illegible] Illustrated. It states that the Butler [illegible] of Anus (illustration [illegible]) may be used by the descendants of Reginor Therman Butler of Carlise and all the [illegible] stock "are entitled to use the family crest." I James Butler born in his fathers (Thomas') estate in the parish of Colkenny, Co. Wrickboro, Ireland in 1718. He did [illegible] come to America, [illegible] that his mother Thomas Butler also from on the [illegible] estate in 1720 came to America with 3 sons in 1748 and settled in [Laueastra?] Co. (Pa.) William, the son of [Abne?] Janus, came to [illegible] county in 1759. and joined his uncle Thomas. John and Thomas, [illegible] sons of James came to Perma about same time as their bro. William did. Richard a full cousin,