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Craven to put a stop to the march of any more of their Indians wch will save considerable charge to that Governmt and contribute to ye safety of yrs. But if they should come in amongst you I think you ought to send a body of yr militia to defend Blunts Town till they are retired, representing to Blunt the care you have to protect him in pursuance of yr Treatys and thereby draw him into further engagemts for destroying the remainder of the [Catehara’s?] and Mattamiskeets [Mattamuskeets] wch if he shal fail to do you may threaten him with the return of those South Carolina Indians to extirpate him and his town. As to Blunts [suspicions?] of the Totteros and his cautiousness to offer any Injury to them as being Tributarys of Virginia, I cannot say they are under our protection any otherwise than [that?] they are permitted to come amongst our Tributarys as a