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Inquisition indented taken at John Lewis in the County of Albemarle this 13 day of February 1794 before me John Key Coroner of our said County upon the view of the body of Aron a negro man Slave then and there lying dead, and upon the oath of Clifton Garland John Steel Benjamin Soloman James Ming. Benjamin Johnson Archabald Sneed James Grentrey Owen Lewis, Samuel Shelton, Jacob Morris William Barby. & Phillip Moore who being sworn, and charged to inquire, on the part of the Common Wealth when where how and after what manner the said Aaron came to his death do say upon them oaths. of the following Juryers who hereby Subscribe their names that it is their opinion it was an act of god & that Wm Okley was not accessery to his death Clifton Garland {seal} John Steele {seal} Benjamin Johnson {seal} John Ming {seal} Anlher Snead {seal} James Gentrey {seal} Owen Lewis {seal} Samuel Shelton {seal} Wm Barbee {seal} Philip Moore {seal}

It is the opinion of Benjamin Johnson & Jacob Morris that Wm Okley was the cause of the above named negro Aaron death Ben. Johnson {seal} Jacob Morris {seal} The above inquest was taken before me John Key Coroner for Albemarle County