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Albemarle County Court: We of the Jury summoned under a warrant from Joshua Key one of the Justices of the peace for the County of aforesaid to inquire into the cause of the death of a negro man Tom late the property of James Frasier, who died suddenly in the goal of the said county on the night of Friday the 23rd of Apr 1813, do find that the cause of the death of the said Tom was sundry blows inflicted on head by the plea a negro man the property of John Hamner, at present in the employment of Triplett F. Estes of Charlottesville the Town of Charlottesville; particuly one blow eye, producing a fracture of the skull of about two inches in length, entering to the frontal comes of the eye and continuing into the socket, also one other blow on the crown of the head, & one on the his under part of the leader we also find the said blown were inflicted by the said Stephen is the town of Charlottesville on the night of Thursday the 15th of April 18 1813 with a stickor club a & stones. In [illegible] where of, as will the Justice afore said action as coroner, as we the Jurors have to this Inquisition act our seals at Charlottesville the 24th day of April 1873. Franklin {Seal} [illegibile] Anderson {seal} Edm do Anderson {seal} [illegible] C Barks [seal] Taken in qualified in the presence of [illegible] Key John [illegible] seal John Yeargans [seal] Nelson [Wilson] Medearin {seal} [strike out} Joel Terrell {seal} Charles Day {seal} Chiles Brand {seal} Thomas Burton {seal}