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Albemarle County to Wit Inquisition Indented taken at the house of Archibald B Duke on the Plantation of David Higginbotham in the County aforesaid the 12 day of November in the year of 1818 before me Jas. Old Correnor [coroner] for the County aforesaid upon the View of the body of Hyram Negro man Slave the property of David Higginbotham then and there lying dead. and upon the oaths of We the under Signed jurors. Are of Opinion that the aforesaid Negro man slave Hyram the property of D.H. aforesaid, not having the fear of God before his eyes did on the Night of the 10th Instant Commit Suicide by hanging himself by the Neck untill he was dead. Given under our hands and seals this day and year first above written

Wintess Jas Old Cor A.C David Young {seal} O Norris {seal} WD Fitch {seal} Brockman Bell {seal} JL Oneal {seal} Isaiah Stout {seal} Edmund Bacon {seal} Daniel M Railey {seal} David Gay {seal} Richd Robey {seal} William Hogg {seal} Walter Burrus {seal}