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This Inquistion Indented taken in the town of Milton and County of Albemarle before me James Old. Corroner of the said County on the boddy of a Mulatto boy Named Samuel Luck then and there lying Dead and whereas Menoah Clarkson William Page Joseph Price and others good and lawful men being charged and sworn upon their Oaths do say that the said death was by accident and not by any Malicious intent of any human what ever Given under hands and seals. this seventh day of February in year one thousand & Nine and the thirty third year of the common wealth Test James Old Cor A.C.

Manoah Clarkson {seal} William Page {seal} Joseph Price William D Fitch {seal} E Bacon {seal} Jno Smithson {seal} John Durrett {seal} Richard Johnson {seal} Joel Shiflett {seal} Charls Vest {seal} Rueben Grady {seal} H Chisholm {seal}