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In the Circuit Court of Fauquier County 13th September 1859. In the matter of the petition of Lavinia Napper, a free woman of Color. The petitioner, Lavinia Napper and her proposed owner, Edwin Smith, appeared in Court, under the summons awarded at the last term. And it appearing to the Court that the notice required by the 3rd Section of the Act of the General Assembly of Virginia, passed 18th February 1856, entitled an "Act providing for the voluntary enslavement of the free negroes of the Commonwealth," was posted at the front door of the Court house of this County for one month Commencing on the 18th April 1859 by the Clerk of this Court. And the Court having examined the said petitioner and the said Edwin Smith, separately and apart from each other, and in the presence of William H Payne, the attorney for the Commonwealth, and being satisfied that there is no Collusion nor fraud between the said parties, and Seeing no good reason to the Contrary, doth grant the prayer of the said petitioner, and doth order that the said Edwin Smith do hold the said Lavinia Napper as his slave for life. And the Court proceeding to ascertain what would be the value of the said petitioner if she were a slave, doth ascertain the same to be six hundred dollars. The said Edwin Smith thereupon paid into Court, to the Clerk thereof, the sum of Three hundred dollars, the one half of said ascertained value, and together with Hamden A White, his Security, approved by the Court, entered into, and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of five hundred dollars, Conditioned that the said Lavinia Shall not become chargeable to any County or Corporation of this Commonwealth. A copy - teste, Jno S. Byrne Clk. 492.58

285 [+] 207.58 [=] 492.58