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236 } October Court 1753.

Venus a negro Girl belonging to George Harding adjudged to be twelve years old

Lewis a negro Boy belonging to William Horton adjudged to be twelve Years old

Milly a negro Girl belonging to John Horton adjudged to be thirteen Years old.

John Stuart Gent made Oath to an Account against servant Isabell Moore for twenty six days runaway time & two pounds one Shilling & eight pence expended in taking her up ordered that she Serve for the Same according to Law the Cash to be discharged in Tobacco at 13/. P.Cent.

William Stuart Clerk is appointed Guardian to Jane & Segismond Massey, Orphans of Segismond Massey decd. & entered into Bond with John Stuart his Security.

Isabell Moore servant to John Stuart gent. confessed in Court that she had five years to Serve [from] the seventeenth day of July 1752 which on motion of the sd. Stuart is ordered to be certified.

John Hooe, Lawrence Washington & John Washington Gent are desired to set apart to Horatio Dade, & Mary his Wife late Widow of Segismond Massey decd their Part of the sd. Massey's Estate.

The Inspectors at Boyds Hole sold 2587 pounds of Tobacco at ten Shillings & eight pence P.Cent - At Aquia 6762 lb Tobacco for ten Shillings & nine pence P.Ct.

At Caves 956 pounds of Tobo. at eleven Shilling & one penny P.Ct.

Sapho a negro Girl belonging to Doctor Michael Wallace adjudged to be ten years old.

Miranda a negro Girl belonging to Michael Wallace adjudged to be ten years old.

Pompy a negro boy belonging to Michael Wallace adjudged to be twelve Years old. Absent John Peyton Gent.

Administration on the Estate of John Linton decd. is granted John Peyton Gent. having entered into Bond according to Law. Absent John Peyton Gent

Ordered that the Church wardens of Overwharton Parish bind Sarah Cunningham accg. to Law

In the Suit on the Attachment obtained by Ann Mason Widow against the Estate of Randolph Johnson for eight pounds twelve Shillings due her for Rent its therefore considered by the Court that the sd. Ann, recover the same of the sd. Randolph, & her costs by her in this behalf expended. And the Sheriff having returned the sd. Attachment executed in the Hands of William King, on Tobacco hanging on the Fence, on Tobacco moved off the Premises by Saml. Angel, & on the Balance that was in the Hands of the sd. Ann, & the sd. William being Sworn declared that he had no Estate.