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December Court 1753 239 D 24549 C 3583 By 1961 tithables a 11 lb tobacco tithe 20,966 & a fraction of 505 in the sheriff's hands 20,966

Ordered that Dame Elliott serve her master Jacob Williams according to the law for having a bastard child. Then the court adjourned till court in course. Matt Doniphan. At a court held for Stafford County 11 December 1753. Present John Mercer, Matt Doniphan, John Peyton & Henry Fitzhugh, gentlemen. Ordered that Josias Barns serve his master John Stuart Gent. for two days runaway time, & one hundred & eighty pounds of tobacco expended in taking him up. Present Francis Thornton & William Fitzhugh Gent. In the suit on petition between Charles Stuart of Pets v Francis Brooks def judgm. is granted the Pet for four pounds nineteenn shillings with costs of a lawyers fee. In the suit on petition between Walter Jameson Pet v Jeremiah Carter def. judgment is granted the Pet for two pounds shillings & six pence with costs & lawyer's fee. In the suite on petition between William Allen Pet v William [Snetman?] def. Judgment is granted the Pet for two pounds seven shillings & four pence with costs.