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Gallalee, John: Naturalization record, Norfolk County State of Virginia, Norfolk County Court At a Court-held for Norfolk County the 18th Day of November 1850 John Gallalee an alien who has lately arrived in the united States and is desirous of being Naturalized a citizen thereof this day Appeared in Court and in pursuance of the Act of Congress made a Report of himself which report is in the following words, I John Gallalee make the following Report of myself to the County Court of Norfolk County in the State of Virginia that is to say I report that I was born in {Deetrow?] Ireland in the uyear 1819 being now in the 32nd year of my age, that I am a Subject of the Queen of Great Britain, owing allegiance to that Monarch and none other: that I immigrated to the United States in the month of April in the year 1849 and that I intend to settle myself in the County of Norfolk in the State of Virginia one of the united States.