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349 March Court 1755

In the action of debt between John Payton Genl. [Pot.] SimonStacy & Peter Ruttner defts. the deft. not appearing. Judgment is granted the Prt. against them for what of the sum sued for in the declaration shall appear to be justly due unless the deft. do appear at the next Court & answer the Pvts. action. The suit on the attachment obtained by [Gowry] Waugh against the Estate of Enoch Hensley is [dismissed?] the sd. [said?]. Enoch paying [costs?]. In the suit on the attachment obtained by Alexander [Donisihan] against the estate of John Finigan, the sd. [said?] Alexander produced a [penal?] obligation under the hand & seal of the sd. [said] John for twelve pounds eight shillings & eight pence, & eighteen pounds of tobacco. Its' therefore considered by the court that the sd. Alexander recover the same of the sd. John, & his costs by him in this behalf expended. But this judgment is to be discharged the costs excepted on payment of six pounds, four shillings, & four pence & nine pounds of tobacco. with interest thereon from the thirtieth day of September one thousand seven hundred & fifty four till the same is paid. And the Sheriff having made return that he had attached four bottles one [cyder cask] some lumber & one hundred & fifty pounds of tobacco in the hand of John Canaday & some lumber in the hands of Edward Raspin, It's ordered that he sell the same according to law, & satisfy the sd. Alexander his judgment therewith if there be money enough arising by such sale to do the same, & report to the next court.

In the suit on Petition between John Sprabry Pcl. & Benjamin Robinson & [illegible] Exns. Exns of the last Will & Testament of Henry Robinson decd. [deceased]. defts. Judgment is granted the Pet. for six shillings & ten pence & three hundred & seventy pounds of tobacco of the Goods & Chattle of the sd Testator in the hands of the sd. Executr. if so much they have in their hands and if they have not so much in their hands, then the costs of the proper Goods & Chattles of those Executr. Ordered that John Sprabry pay John Ramay one hundred pounds of tobacco for four days attendance as an Evidence for him against Robinson's Executors. In the suit on Petition between John Bailie Pet. & Joseph Cliff deft. Judgmt is granted the Pet. for two hundred & sixty eight pounds [crop?] tobacco with costs & a lawyer's fee. In the suit on Petition between Richard Hove Pet. & Jacob Williams deft. Judgment is