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March Court 1755 {354

Present Thomas Fitzhugh Genl. In the action of debt between Charles Stuart & Co Pet. & Thomas Douglass, deft. John Washington & William Bernard came into court & undertook that if the deft. should be condemned in this action that they would pay the condemnation for him, or surrender his body to prison & the deft. prayed [illegible] ]illegible] which is granted him.

In the action of trespass upon the case between Charles Stuart & Co. Pet. & Samuel Earl Admin. of all & singular the Goods & Chattles of Samuel Earl dec'd. deft. By consent of parties the issue in this cause to be tried by a jury is waved & the deft. confessed Judgment to the Pet. for thirty three pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence. Its' thereupon considered by the Court that the Petr. recover the same of the Goods & Chattles of the sd. Intestate in the hands of the sd. Adminr. if so much he hath in his hands, & if he hath not so much in his hands then the costs of the proper Goods & Chatles of the sd. Administrator.