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EARL C. DUDLEY Earl Dudley Jap Prisoner Word has just been received here by Mrs. R. L. Bell of Estabrook, that her brother, Earl C. Dudley, who was stationed in the Philippines prior to Pearl Harbor, is now a prisoner in Tokyo. The message came via shortwave radio and was picked up by E. B. Dreyfus, of San Mateo, Calif. Dudley was on the broadcast, Dreyfus said, and mentioned several names to whom he wished to send messages. Reception was poor, however, and the Californian could get only the name of Dudley's mother, a resident of Arlington, Va. The prisoner apparently was well. His wife, the former Miss Sue Hall, of Norfolk, and their two-year-old son are prisoners at Bagulo, Philippine Islands. Mr. Dudley was a civilian employee of the Supply Department of the United States Navy.