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37 N Page

Newton to Hewett Deed 26 Newall & Uxr to Morson & Lawson [do?] 78 Newton vs Threlkeld 112 Newton Abram appd Ovr [Overseer] Road 113 Newton vs Carter 119 Newton vs Threlkeld 170 Noahs Ordy [Ordinary] Licence renewed 180 Nash allowed for service in army 181 Newton Benjamins will recorded 197 Nichole John tried 198 Nugent vs Triplett 202 Nugent vs Jett 224 Norman ads Wigginton 225 Normans will proved 253 ________Inventory retd 277 Nugent vs Jett 307 Nooe assee ]assignee] &c vs Hewett 315 Newalls will proved 339 Newton Ovr [Overseer] Road 354 Nooe vs Howe 361 Same vs Same ib Nooe vs Hewett &c 373 Newton exempt from tax of a negro 402 Newtons adr qualified 425 _______Apprs appd ib Nelsons will proved 428 _______Appraiser appd ib ______ Est [Estate] divided ib Newton constable 430 Newton ads Bell 468 Same v Talmo Trustees ib

N Page

Norman ovr Road 481 Nichols vs Bell 490 Newton ads Hale 496 Newalls admrs acct settled 530 Do [Ditto] 533 Newton to Newton Deed 540 Newtons Invy [Inventory] retd 543 Newmans adr vs James 570 Newman to Sanford 591 Newmans adr vs James 593 Newtons will proved 594